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Ever wondered how to keep your business thriving without burning out?

Ever wondered how to keep your business thriving without burning out? Cultivate the Dolce Vita (the sweet life). Dolce vita time, when you are engaged in activities that light you up by yourself or with loved ones, is when your brain rests and digests what happened before and helps you gain perspective, make decisions, and solve problems. In this respect, they are not optional but should be a part of every successful leader’s strategy. Discover the positive ripple effects of intentionally enjoying life more by listening to this episode of 7-8 Figures Special Serie Podcast with Michelle Nedelec.

What is the “sweet life” and what it can do for your organization

Cultivating a thriving business environment extends beyond operations and profit margins, emphasizing the importance of fostering a culture that promotes both professional growth and personal well-being. By taking a holistic approach and investing in employees’ personal goals, businesses can create a workplace where individuals feel valued and integral to the collective journey. Effective communication, shared vision, and autonomy empower employees, fostering innovation and fulfillment. In this nurturing environment, employees become the heartbeat of a harmonious and successful business ecosystem. Liesten to my conversation with Simon Meadows on Sterling’s Business Success & Coffee Podcast to know more.

Embrace the Four Pillars and Create your Dolce VITA

Creating a Dolce VITA life is within your reach, and it all begins with embracing the four pillars that form its foundation. The first pillar, Vitality, focuses on prioritizing your physical and mental well-being. By establishing healthy habits and routines that nourish your energy, brainpower, and focus, you lay the groundwork for a vibrant and fulfilling life. The second pillar, Illumination, invites you to find joy and inspiration in every moment. Discover your flow state, tap into your zone of genius, and cultivate a deep connection with your spiritual self. The third pillar, Techniques, empowers you to work smarter, not harder. Implement efficient strategies and systems that optimize your productivity, allowing you to achieve more in less time. Finally, the fourth pillar, Assets, recognizes your true worth and potential. Invest in your skills, beliefs, and personal growth, for you are your most valuable asset. By aligning these four pillars, you can create a Dolce VITA life that is balanced, joyful, and abundant in every aspect. Discover more in my interview wioth Alison Katschkowsky on “The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care” podcast.

How Living La Dolce VITA Makes You a Better Leader

In this enlighting interview with Trish Tonay, I share how after achieving a significant amount of success, I came to the realization that something crucial was lacking in my life. Despite having an impressive external appearance, I didn’t feel accomplished and my health was suffering. I had become a workaholic due to my desire for high achievement, and as a result, I was neglecting other aspects of my life. I was failing to live up to my own values and wasn’t being true to myself. However, I eventually came back to my senses and reevaluated my priorities. I realized that effective leaders need to have a balanced life and focus on personal development. As a result, I created a system to lay the foundation for my unique methodology.

The New Era of Leaders: How La Dolce VITA Lifestyle and Leadership Style are Changing the Game

If you are an entrepreneur or executive looking to become the leader that people want to follow and the world needs, this interview on Dr. Christopher H. Loo’s show is for you. In this inspiring conversation, we will discuss the qualities of the leaders of the new era and why it is essential to embrace the la Dolce Vita’s lifestyle and leadership style. We’ll dive into the impact of this approach on the workplace environment and how it can prevent employee turnover.

Living la Dolce VITA for Success

In this interview with Crista Grasso on The Lean Out Your Business Podcast we are going analyze the philosophy of La Dolce Vita, the sweet life. in my philosophy and methodology, Vita represents an acronym for the four pillars which is Vitality, Illumination, Techniques and Assets. We are going to discuss what it means to be in the right business for you, the importance of the “do nothing” mentality, why the Dolce Vita is important now and how to lead the Dolce Vita way!

How to Become a Human-Centric Leader

If you are ready to become a human-centric leader and want to know how to integrate your lifestyle and your leadership in a purposeful and intentional way, listen to my interview with Linda Fisk on the LeadHERShip Gobal Podcast. You will learn how to disrupt the obsolete leadership paradigms that led to the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting while effortlessly integrating your lifestyle and leadership to lead a fulfilling, rewarding life. 

Values, Integrity and Quality of Life

What are my values? In random order, one is certainly quality of life, which has always been my North Star. I was born into an environment where our quality of life was very high, and I was surrounded by beauty. So beauty is a value for me in all its forms: aesthetics and manners. Then I would say Integrity. Integrity is huge. And it’s crucial when it comes to leadership. Every leader should regularly ask themselves: what’s my Integrity? What’s my truth? What’s my path? Am I telling the truth about myself? What am I lying about to myself? Listen to my interview with Catherine Llewell on the Truth & Transcendence Podcast. 

The Dolce VITA Prevents Employees Turnover

The Dolce Vita is not only a behavior, but it’s an approach to all aspects of life, it’s to no be too hard, to take things seriously and committedly, but in a lighthearted way. I had the intuition to make the Dolce VITA become a leadership style. And this is the way for leaders to walk the talk and create human centric environments. Thriving organzational environments start with the leaders! More in the interview with James W. Smith on the Deal By Me Podcast. 

Being a Disciplined Rebel

I was so lucky to be born into a family of multi-generation entrepreneurs. My parents were very open-minded, almost unconventional. They empowered me to follow all my passions and encouraged me to travel worldwide. My life was effortless, and as challenges excite me, I created them by constantly pushing myself beyond my limits. This became very useful when life hit, and I utilized my knowledge and experience to change my personal and professional lives. Discover more by listening to my interview with Mario Bekes on Life the Battlefield Podcast.

When the right person is at the right job at the right place and focuses on their strengths, there is the Dolce VITA at work!

As leaders, we are the change makers. Our duty is to improve the work culture. So if we apply the concept of La Dolce Vita, which is being committed and working hard when it comes to working hard, be resilient, face the chaos of life, the VUCA world, and in the meantime, have fun and enjoy yourself. When you give yourself permission to enjoy the pleasures of life and don’t postpone them, the quality of your life changes, and everything else changes! When you embrace the Doce VITA in your life, you can infuse it in your company, making your employees valued, happier, committed, and more productive. Discover more by listening to my interview with Sri Chellapa at the People Strategy Leaders Podcast.

Taking it Easy, Live Blissfully, Unhurried, to the Fullest is the Numer One Ingredient of Success

Do you remember why you started your business? Why you wanted so badly that leadership position?
Wasn’t it because you wanted to enjoy and live life to the fullest? You undoubtedly didn’t wish for more frustration, boredom, or burnout! So, bring more Dolce VITA into your life to get it into your business! So “Take it easy, live blissfully, unhurried, to the fullest.”. And if you want to know how that leads to business success, listen to my conversation with
Tom Reaoch at the Café and Networking Podcast.

Transforming Leadership Through The Four Pillars Of La Dolce Vita

The pandemic brought a lot of changes in our lives. We came to realize what really matters. What are the things that light us up? Elizabeth Bachman sits down for a meaningful conversation with me about the La Dolce Vita approach  In this episode, I share in-depth insights on fulfilling things for ourselves and enjoying life. I emphasizes that the pandemic may have been a challenging time, but it sure made us look within ourselves and make a change. Life shouldn’t be daunting. It should be joyous, and we should align our values in every aspect. Tune in to learn more about the importance of knowing yourself and setting boundaries.

Simple Steps to Live La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita, “the sweet life,” has been the signature lifestyle of the Italian people for centuries. Embracing the Dolce Vita means to slow down, relax, seize the moment, and live your life to the fullest. Do you want to live La Dolce Vita? Listen to my conversation with Sophie Zollman and discover what are the simple steps that you can incorporate into your routine, including: prioritizing time for yourself, making time for the things you love, building real connections, and leading the Dolce Vita way, 

The Courage to Live La Dolce Vita

Sometimes high achievers aren’t happy with their own life because they are so caught up in work that they forget about themselves and their relationships. They simply forget to live. What if they had the courage to let go of frenzy, of the need to be busy, in control, and just seize the moment?  What if indulging in guiltless pleasure, far from stealing precious time from your business, were the essential component of their success and happiness? Listen to my conversation with Coach Harlan and discover what are the benefit of finding the courage to live La Dolce Vita!

How to Live Fully by Embracing La Dolce Vita in your Personal and Professional Life.

If you feel stressed in your job and trapped in a life that does not allow you to fully live, you need to explore the dolce vita lifestyle.  Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could mix professional commitment to excellence with freedom to embrace a lifestyle of vitality? ave you even wondered how some leaders can be seriously strategic in business and yet warm and exuberant in their interpersonal relationships? Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to work for an organization that is world class and yet compassionately caring about its human capital? Listen to my conversation with Dr. Kasturi Henry and discover why this is your opportunity to learn how to transform and find your balance to live free and build an organization that creates that lived experience

Success is a Matter of Prioritizing Pleasure in Business… with Discipline.

It takes a lots of discipline to stop living on autopilot, and prioritize pleasure at work. But when you let go of the need to be busy and in control, and you start to enjoy dolce vita moment, miracle happens in your life and in your company environment. Join me at Joe Pinz‘s Disciplined Conversations Podcast, and discover what it takes to live la dolce vita, how you can become a dolce vita leader and what are the positive ripple effects in your life and in your business. 

Leading the Team in Your Head

Everyone has voices that are talking in your head and are telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. I say that those voices are one of your three teams. You have to become the leader of the team in your head, and if you are able to understand the message that they are trying to put across – probably in a clumsy way,  and you manage them everything shifts. Discover more by joining my interview with Julia Jack at the F50 Woman Podcast!

Why and How You Incorporate La Dolce Vita in your Lifestyle and in your Business.

La Dolce Vita is more than the Italians’ signature lifestyle. Is a way of being, a way of thinking, a mood, a philosophy, and overall approach to life. When you embrace la Dolce Vita, you are committed and lighthearted, you know how to take it easy, live blissfully, unhurried, to the fullest. You seize the moment. You decide that whatever you do in life and at work must bring you joy and must be aligned with who you are and how you function. And you do so through the four pillars of la Dolce Vita Lifestyle. If you are eager to know more, check out my interview with Julian Leahy on the When it Worked Podcast!

The Benefits of Alternating Focused Work and Sheer Idleness (dolce far niente).

The first thing that I teach my clients is to alternate focused work and sheer idleness. They have to make time for doing nothing and understand that this is when they grow. It’s counter-intuitive because when you are passionate about what you want to create in the world you work hard and don’t even realize how hard you work. The truth is that you need to stop and do nothing because when you rest, your brain integrates what happened before and this is when you become truly creative. . Discover more by listenining to my interview with Michelle Prince!

How to Master your Life and your Business the Dolce Vita Way

When you are a leader, you know that running a business is like being on a roller coaster. This is why you need to find a way to keep yourself centered, energized, and emotionally detached from the day by day.
If you want to see our business from a perspective, you need to put yourself in that perspective. In other words, you need to get out of the office! When my clients start being more intentional about creating regular dolce vita moments inside their routine, and when they commit to letting go of the need to be always present and in control, their life changes, and this has an incredibly positive ripple effect on the company environment. They are happier, more relaxed, more creative, and more focused. Discover more by joining my conversation with Christian Evans!

Set your Guilt-free Pleasures and Set yourself up for Success

If you don’t let go of your need to have eyes on everything at all times, you don’t recharge. As a business owner, you need to relent in control and let go of the anxiety attached to your business. You’re operating off of fear and fight or flight when you attach these emotions to your job. You have to break down your own desire to feel busy and be willing to walk away sometimes for your own mental health. When you’re an anxiety-based workaholic, you’re training your brain out of creativity. You can’t think creatively while under immense stress. Never undermine your own ability as a business owner and set your own guilt-free boundaries. These boundaries will be your lifeline, and you have to be disciplined and dedicated to letting go. It seems counterintuitive, but in truth, this lifestyle will only help your creativity and mental health as a business owner flourish. Commitment and organization serve very important purposes, and there is a balance you have to strike. You have to balance how you focus on the present and caring for yourself and how you focus on the future and growing your business. Listen to my interview with Josh Elledge in this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

Live la Dolce Vita for your Business

How can we strike the balance between success and fun? What does it mean to really live a joyful, ‘sweet’ life? As a rule of thumb, we need to become more intentional in whatever we do, be it at work or at enjoying life more. In a way, we need more structure. But remember: be playful and flexible with that structure because too much structure is as detrimental as a lack of structure. Basically, it’s a dance within the opposites.  Join me and Daniel Mangena in this amazing episode of the “Beyond Success” Podcast, and discover how to

The Dolce Vita Approach: Living and Leading from a Place of Aligment

I’ve always believed that you don’t have to give up your life for success, quite the opposite. Your life’s quality is a crucial component of your success, because, as a leader, you know that the way you show up in the world determines the world around you. That’s why, going through the changes in my life, la Dolce Vita Lifestyle has always been my North Star, even when everybody else was trying to prove me the opposite. So, don’t postpone bringing some Dolce Vita Leadership into your everyday life, and start embodying the Dolce Vita Leader NOW. Do you want to know more?  Join me and Jennifer Pilates (two peas in a pot) and listen to this episode of Empowered WIthn and discover how the more discipline you have the more freedom you can have and that you have to be very disciplined to schedule your freedom time, how and authenticity is really a big part of the Dolce Vita, and it’s really living a life in a lot of alignment, how to never r let other people’s limiting beliefs condition you.

You don’t Have to Wait until Retirement to Bring la Dolce Vita in your Life

Alot of people work their whole lives, then they retire and do nothing with their lives, because they never planned on living. Once they retired, they did get on travel, they don’t go do things they have no meaningful relationships. So what kind of a life are they living? There is no need to wait until retirement to live La Dolce Vita. Define what it means for you and start enojing the pleasures of life now. Join my conversation with Raphael Gomez and discover more!

“Thanks, God, it’s MonYAY!”

“Thanks, God, it’s MonYAY!”, So what’s that? When you embody the La Dolce Vita and apply it to all areas of your life and at work, every Monday is a start fresh for a new inspired week, that you will live your own way, Because la Dolce Vita is way more than a lifestyle. It’s a way of being a way of thinking. It’s a philosophy. It’s an overarching approach to all aspects of life. It’s a competence that can be learned. It’s a leadership style It is one of the key ingredients for your success (whatever it means for you). My soul sister Angie M. Callen, invited me to her No More Monday Podcast. Listen to our Dolce Vita “A tale of the Two Angela” conversation, and may you be inspired to “take it easy, live blissfully, unhurried, to the fullest.”

Work is Something you do in between Doing Nothing

In a culture where work becomes the central point of so many lives, I am challenging that notion and inspire others how to live La Dolce Vita. In this episode of The Life Design Podcast, I share with Carols and Susanne Hidalgo‘s listeners how the Italian culture is something that all of us can learn from. That work is something we should take seriously and at the same time, we should give the same priority to rest, pleasure, and taking care of ourselves. Because La Dolce Vita is more than just a lifestyle. It is a mindset that impacts every area of your life, provides the freedom to be the truest form of yourself, and enables one to live life to its fullest.

Living and Leading la Dolce Vita Way

Everyone who visits Italy falls in love with la Dolce Vita, the Italians’ signature lifestyle, this dedicated yet easygoing way of living a life of alignment, enjoying the freedom of living your way. Maybe they have dreamt of adopting this lifestyle at home. Did you know that you can learn to live lLa Dolce Vita? That you can infuse it in your working life? That you can instill a spirit of the good life in the teams you manage? But what does it mean? And what are the business benefits? Listen to this interview by Courtney Fingar, Editor in Chief of the Investment Monitor

Bringing la Dolce Vita into the Worlplace

There is no doubt that the pandemic has made all of us stop and think about where we are at in our lives at home and at work. If we (still) enjoy what we are doing and and how much we enjoy it. And this is true for both business owners and for those who have a job. Because at the end of the day what we all aim for is happiness and meaning. So how can we bring more enjoyment and bliss to our workdays? How, as leaders can we bring La Dolce Vita into the working environment? What are the benefits? What are some small and easy actionable steps to implement right away? Join Debora Krier and me at her PowerHour conversation.

Set Boundaries and Live la Dolce Vita

No leader should aspire to achieve work-life balance, because, let’s be honest, this is not something for successful people. But everyone should be intentional about bringing more lightheartedness and fun into their day, more Dolce Vita. Because at the end of the day, that’s what you’re doing it for, and not for the profit or token success. And three things are important to do that. 1) Define what Dolce Vita is to you. 2) Setting healthy boundaries (with others but also with yourself). 3) Take action. now. Want to learn more about it? Get inspired by my interview with Brooke Dunwel on The Wild Feather Podcast.

Shift Paradigms and Thrive by Embodying La Dolce Vita in your Life and in your Biz!

Whatever reason made you start your business be, it to make the world a better place, to transform other people’s lives, to make money… I believe that you also wanted to create a better lifestyle for yourself than before you started the business!
And guess what? You are impacting the world, creating prosperity for yourself and for other people… your life looks amazing on the outside, but inside something is missing. You are lost in your business and you are neglecting what’s really important for you.
Now you are ready for more! And you can have more: you can have the sweet life, create momentum for your business and positively impact the company’s organizational culture. Discover how by joining me at Mac Attram‘s The Business Success Show!

Getting Comfortable with the Discomfort of Change

When things are getting harder and harder when you are hitting a wall, you’ve got to save yourself, never wait for somebody else to save you.
You always have to be the one who starts the process.
This requires you to be humble and strong at the same time because asking for help when you feel so vulnerable is not easy. Especially if you are a leader, a winner… and you want to keep a facade.How do you do that?Follow me and listen to my interview with Jenny Ramirez and Laura del Carmen on Becoming Alpha, and get comfortable with the discomfort of change!

How to Scale your Business avoiding Burnout

La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, is the bespoke Italian’s lifestyle. It doesn’t merely mean setting time aside, or finding a balance between work and life. It is an overall approach to life and to business. It is the ability to blend dedication to business and success while enjoying the beauty of life for the sake of it, appreciating good food, fun and  relationships and culture honoring each other and spending quality time together. To discover how to let go of the excessive need to be busy and productive all the time and enjoy the sweetness of life, listen to my conversation at Ephraim Glick‘s show and be inspired to make your Ultimate Shift!

How to Live the Sweet Life while Keeping Momentum for your Business

How do you infuse your life with pleasure time even when you have no time? How do you know to set prioritities when everything is a priority? How do you stay super focused in what you do? You are curious but have less than 5 minutes to discover it? Here are five Snackable Solutions for you!

Discover Why “Not Doing” is the Secret to Success

Erica Jones says: “What is the fatal charm of Italy? What do you find there that can’t find anywhere else? I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other Countries lost long ago”. In this interview at Connie Withman‘s Changng the Sales Game podcast, I share my philosophy and explain why strategic, guiltless downtime is your business’ fuel. We also talk about values, leadership, deliberate focused action, delegation and so much more.

Growing your Business and Enjoying the

Journey is Like Going on a Road Trip

The secret to staying committed to your business growth while enjoying the journey is to approach it like getting ready to go on a road trip. Because you want it to be fun, comfortable and smooth, before hitting the road, you define your destination, the best route, be it the shortest, the fastest, the most panoramic, the one with the best restaurants and hotels to stop… You want to make sure that every part of your car is up and running, that the tank is full and that your travel companion are people you want to have around…. Watch my interview at Enterpreneur Talk Podcast with Yola Bastos, Cofounder of Women Flix for more insights!

How to Leverage Challenges to Enhance the Quality of your Business and of your Lifestyle

If you are successful but stressed out, and you are still indecisive about making some changes in the way you are showing up in your business and in your lifestyle, listen to my newest interview on Claudia Monacelli’s Multiple Voices podcast, I share the story of how I got here, the challenges that I faced, the actions that I took, rediscovering and leveraging my most authentic self. I explain what are the 4 pillars of La Dolce VITA Lifestyle, how to embrace them for improving the quality of your business, the quality of the clients you work with, If your want to improve the quality of your lifestyle… and more. Lifestyle is allowing yourself to have the best, what is the lifestyle you want to leave.

What is La Dolce Vita and where this term comes from? How can you be successful without giving up your life? How to you align what you want to create in your business with the life and lifestyle that you want to live? How will the workplace culture change after the pandemic and becasue of the great resignation? Listen to my interview on Snackable Solutions Podcast!

Know What You Want, Set Boundaries and Live the Sweet Life

In this conversation with Karen Hale of  New Cleveland Radio – I talk about what makes Italians life artists, and what anyone can learn from us in order to incorporate the Dolce Vita in their lifestyles. We explore the importance of setting boundaries and negotiating one’s priorities with our teams at and off work, and how to do it. Join us at this episode of  Avoid the Maze.

Dolce Vita Lifestyle – Why You Should Embrace It? 

‘Dolce Vita’ is more than the signature Italians lifestyle. It is a unique approach to all areas of life (even to doing business) ‘invented’ in Italy. There’s something magical about it. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to Italy to experience la Dolce Vita. You can learn it and do it anywhere and anytime. Why should you try? How to? Listen to my interview on Jim and Lucy Wood‘s Motivational Moday Podcast.