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You are ready to embrace the new era of business, but you need guidance

You need someone to work with you on developing a new strategy and walk you through implementing the plan. 

My strategies can reduce your turnover rate between 5-10%. Your investment is equal to the salary of one employee. My support will keep your company’s current knowledge base and make it the one that attracts the best talents. You can become the leader in your industry that others want to follow.

Current statistics show roughly 20% of employees are unhappy and looking to leave. When employees leave, you lose know-how and deliver it to a competitor on a silver plate. This leaves you at a competitive disadvantage. 

As the premier Dolce Vita Leadership Consultant, I am in your pocket.

I provide a highly customized, tailor-made, do-with-you, transforming framework. I will show you how to thrive in this new era of business while making your teams excited to work with you. 

When you embody the Dolce VITA in your leadership style, you show up from a place of total integrity, enabling you to create a nourishing workplace culture with your team feeling heard, seen, supported, and empowered. Where they can freely unleash their creativity, make an impact and be self-accountable.

When you work with me, you will not find predefined programs or cookie-cutter solutions.

The Dolce VITA creates momentum in your business and allows you to enjoy life. When you want to create a company culture where your employees can thrive, you need my skills as the premier Dolce Vita Leadership Consultant.

Through my lively and strategic approach, I will empower you to activate the four pillars of la Dolce V.I.T.A. (Vitality, Inspiration, Techniques, and Assets). We will create long-lasting shifts by aligning with who you are and with the legacy you want to leave in the world.

Just like the best Made in Italy artisan products, my exclusive, private, result-oriented experiences are tailor-made for you to create an impactful, long-lasting transformation. The structure is flexible, and the timeframe can vary from a few hours up to six months, depending on the results you want to create.

My time and expertise are only available to a selected élite clientele of ultra-high performers and action-takers ready to live and lead the dolce vita way.

If you are one of them and want to explore what it looks like for you, let’s chat! 

– Testimonials –

Committment and integrity

“Angela is 100% committed to her clients’ goals and needs. She supports them with integrity and excellent professional expertise. With her white-gloves service she empowers her clients by directing them towards their goals with a firm, energetic yet lighthearted approach. She is very empathic and has the ability to bypass the identification with the role of consultant-coach while maintaining a strong professional ethic.”

Angie F. Business Owner – Italy

A boost for my business and for my life  

“After months of putting it off, I finally contacted Angela for an intensive VIP DAY a couple of months ago. Today I regret not having done it sooner! Thanks to her professionalism and to her charismatic personality, Angela was able – in just one day – to give a huge boost to my business and my life, by helping me strategize the right way and by empowering me on how to effectively and efficiently approach every step. Thank you Angela!” 

Marika  – Enterpreneur – Italy

A pragmatic support in my journey to change 

“Over the past few years, I decided to shake up my professional life and to do so, I sought out professionals who could help me. I met Angela Santi in an interview with a mutual friend who is a professional in the industry. I knew right away that Angela was the consultant I was looking for, and that she could support me on my journey to change. And so it was. Angela is very knowledgeable and pragmatic. She was able to pick up on my weaknesses and give me the tools to address them. Appointments with Angela became a routine that are still helping me in my daily life. To those who, like me, believe that the support of a competent professional is an added value, I recommend contacting Angela even if only for a pleasant chat. Good work to all.”  

Ada  – Cost accounting, budgeting and performance analysis consultant  – Italy

Ma nuvelle vie and business en Italie

Bonjour à tous, Je viens de terminer un parcours de coaching avec Angela. Nous avions définis des objectifs tant personnel que professionnel pour m’accompagner dans mon nouveau voyage m’ayant amené avec ma famille en Italie depuis fin juillet 2019. Angela a tout de suite compris mes attentes. Elle a su, positivement, me guider sur cette route en utilisant méthodiquement son approche pour rendre du sens à mes compétences, ma motivation, etc…Jamais de jugement. Toujours réaliste. Angela a été pour moi le déclic pour me mettre en marche. Merci très chère Coach. Bonne continuation à toi.

Bruno – Governance, compliance, risk, mentor e angel investor. Luxemborg / Italie

Success and time for myself 

“Ça va sans dire: investing in yourself always pays off… being accompanied by Angela is a guarantee of success! From the zoom sessions to the visioning maps and weekly focuses, Angela’s appointments are always full of food for thought, practical advice and useful tools to achieve my goals. I really appreciate her pragmatic approach focused on work-life balance, her openness and the grit with which she manages to convey her great experience… an energetic support that can be felt even with online sessions! Today I like to say that I use the “Angela” method often in various areas of my life 🙂 THANK YOU! “

Pauline – Product Manager – France

Alternating hard work and leisure time to reach the highest peaks

Thanks to Angela I learned the importance of doing, persevering, not giving up alternated with leisure time. I learned the importance of asking myself the right questions, understanding and honoring my real priorities, of celebrating successes and learning from failures, of rewarding myself. Her teachings inspired me to dust off some notions that I already knew but never applied, which allowed me to “connect the dots” of many previous experiences… and move on to reach higher and higher peaks.

Mauro – Engeneer – Italy