My Manifesto

The Dolce VITA Leadership Style

Welcome to la Dolce Vita Revolution!

Imagine you have achieved success through the Dolce VITA.

You work no more than 40 hours a week you trust your team to do their jobs,

and you now have time to be with friends and family,

embodying the Dolce VITA in all aspects of your life.


Photo courtesy of Hotel de la Ville Rome

La Dolce Vita: the Italians’ signature lifestyle.

Recognized as the best way of life in the entire world,

if you have traveled to Italy, you’ve even dreamt of adopting the lifestyle at home.

But what about at the office?

La Dolce Vita is a Leadership Style

 It is a mindset and a way of being that impacts every aspect of life.

It is about making a difference with impact and sustainability.

It is about flexibility in your work and life.

You gain a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

It’s time to create a lasting legacy that embraces the next generation.

La Dolce Vita is not a “nice to have”. It’s a Must.

It’s time to empower yourself to make The Dolce Vita Revolution.

It’s time to transcend status quo success.

It’s time to disrupt traditional leadership models. 


Laders who embody the Dolce VITA in their home and work life

value well-being, and life enjoyment.

Create a work environment that is centered around the needs, well-being, and development of employees.

Build relationships even in highly competitive business environments.

Foster a sense of community, trust, respect, and empathy among team members.

Prioritize people over profit

They strive to create a workplace culture that encourages collaboration,

open communication, and continuous learning and growth,

believing that a happy and motivated workforce

leads to better productivity, higher retention rates,

creativity, and innovation.

and increased stakeholders’ satisfaction.


You may be asking yourself, how is that possible?


Who is a Dolce VITA Leader?

An accomplished thought leader in their industry.

They are visionaries and action-takers.

They are curious and committed,

They are dedicated and lighthearted

They work hard and play hard

Are not good, they feel good

Set and respect healthy boundaries

Stop hurrying, start relaxing

Take the time to prioritize their own well-being

Have always time for family, friends, fun, and their passions

Surround themselves with beauty

Embody sprezzatura and have exquisite manners

Have consistent, the intentional routines

Have a healthy and energizing lifestyle

Embrace the adventure and live blissfully and to the fullest


When they are at work

They let go the addiction to busyness.

They know asking for support is a bold, smart move.

Nourish their body, mind, and soul

Refuse all old disempowering paradigms

Own their time and their life

Manage their business and refuse to let their business manage them

Delegate and empower their team

Let go of perfection and control.

Have no self-imposed limits and embrace adventure

Say “no” when it’s a “no”, so they can say “yes” to themselves.

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Ready to become a Dolce Vita Leader?