My Manifesto

The Dolce VIta Lifestyle

Welcome to la Dolce Vita Revolution!

Everybody knows La Dolce Vita: the Italians’ signature lifestyle.

Recognized as the best way of life in the entire world.

If you have traveled to Italy, you’ve even dreamt of adopting the lifestyle at home.

But what about at the office?

La Dolce Vita is not a “nice to have” any more. It’s a Must.

  It’s time to empower the elite business leaders to make The Dolce Vita Revolution .

It’s time to transcend status quo success.

It’s time to disrupt traditional leadership models.

It’s time to create a lasting legacy.

La Dolce Vita as Leadership and Lifestyle

 It is a mindset and a way of being that impacts every aspect of life.

It is a dedicated, yet lighthearted, way of living life to the fullest.

 It is the freedom of being yourself.

A life full of spontaneity, warm interpersonal relationships, good manners, sheer vitality,and freedom.

La Dolce Vita is the way to experience your life’s journey at all stages, not just after success.



The Dolce Vita Business Leaders are a Success at Home and Business.

They are effortlessly thriving in business, enjoying the journey, living a fun and meaningful life.

They have mastered the La Dolce Vita Leadership. 

They enjoy the La Dolce Vita lifestyle, while infusing La Dolce Vita in the Organizational Culture.

Family and Employees feel safe, seen, heard, valued, respected as human beings, motivated from within. 

What You Want from the Dolce Vita Leadership Style

You want the success the La Dolce Vita Leadership Style can bring you.

You are empathetic, resilient, and impact-driven.

You are ready to unleash the Disciplined Rebel within yourself!

Picture of Cielo Terrace in Rome, courtesy of Roccoforte Hotels – Hotel de la Ville, Rome.

What is a Disciplined Rebel?

You are a thought-leader in your industry.

 You live life and run your business your way.

 Are their most important priority and practice self-respect

 Values of a Disciplined Rebel 

 Have (and respect) boundaries

 Have exquisite, sophisticated manners

Embrace beauty and relaxed elegance

 Have consistent, intentional routines 

 Are focused and productive, so they work smarter (not harder)

Picture of Riva Aquarama, courtesy of

What is a Disciplined Rebel Looking for?

Live a life of alignment

To stop hurrying – start relaxing

To indulge in small pleasures during the day

Spend more time with their family and friends

Nourish their body, mind, and soul

Refuse all old disempowering paradigms

Own their time and their life

Manage their business and refuse to let their business manage their lives

Delegate and empower their team showing trust

Let go of perfection and control

Have no self-imposed limits and embrace adventure

Say “no” when it’s a “no”, so they can say “yes” to themselves

Knowing that asking for support is a bold, smart move.

Are you ready to embrace La Dolce Vita with me?