My Manifesto

The Dolce VIta Lifestyle


I am creating a world where la Dolce Vita Lifestyle is an essential component of success.

I believe in a world where leaders have a fulfilling business and a joyful, meaningful life.

A world where successful, lightharted entrepreneurs create a top-down revolution,  empowering every single person that works with them to do the same, and create a new culture of the workplace.

I stand for a world where true success is a life of freedom, fulfillment, bliss, lightheartedness, adventure, and fun.

This is la Dolce Vita Lifestyle.


La Dolce VITA is the ultimate art of living. 

It is a state of mind, a unique attitude to all aspects of life.

Living la Dolce Vita Lifestyle means slowing down and living well.

It is a philosophy of living that creates overall unapologetic wellbeing.

It’s the art of approaching life in a responsible yet lighthearted way.

It’s the talent of appreciating life’s beauty – stunning objects, wild adventures, and mouthwatering food.

It’s the skill of living life to the fullest, with unabashed bliss, nonchalance, and exquisite manners.

And the only way to achieve this lifestyle is by being a disciplined rebel.

Disciplined Rebels

Are successful and live La Dolce VITA lifestyle to the fullest

Are artists of life

Refuse cookie cutter’s thinking and live their own way

Are their most important priority and practice self-respect

Have (and respect) boundaries

Have exquisite, sophisticated manners

Embrace beauty and relaxed elegance

Don’t care of social conditioning

Know what they really want (and don’t want)

Are not good, feel good

Have consistent, intentional routines

Are focused and productive, so they work smarter (not harder) and less hours

Stop hurrying – start relaxing, and indulge in small pleasures during the day

Value their family and friends

Eat healthy food, exercise regularly and spend time outdoor

Nourish their body, mind and soul

Refuse all old disempowering paradigms

Own their time and their life

Manage their business and refuse to let their business manage their lives

Delegate and empower their team showing trust

Let go of perfection and control

Are enthusiasts

Have no self-imposed limits and embrace adventure

Say “no” when it’s a “no”, so they can say “yes” to themselves

Know that asking for support is a bold, smart move.

La Dolce vita is at your reach and inside yourself.

Are you ready to embrace it?