Angela Santi

The Dolce VITA Leadership and Lifestyle Designer

“I empower rebellious and ambitious business leaders  to thrive by living their lives and leading their companies the Dolce Vita way

“Take it easy, live blissfully, unhurried, to the fullest.”                                                                                Angela

Let me invite you into my world…

Transform your life and your business with

The Four Pillars of La Dolce Vita



Habits and routines that keep you energized, lively and focused..



Approachig everything in a committed, ligthearted and blissful way



Effective strategies and systems for  working smarter, and fewer hours.



All that ensures you an excellent performance and light spirits.

October Events

This month I’m featured in the speakers’ panel of Roe Couture’s Collaborate Conference.  

This is a 4-day free virtual summit of collaboration with 25+ experts in peak performance, human behavior, and leadership.  We will help expose the blind spots/silent killers that stop CEOs, leaders, and business owners from achieving high levels of success for themselves and their companies, and I’ll speak about Communication Intelligence as The Fastest Way For Leaders To Build Trust.

Get full access for free to all event presentations and join us online at the live Q&A on October 13 -16, 2022

Committment and integrity

“Angela is 100% committed to her clients’ goals and needs. She supports them with integrity and excellent professional expertise. With her white-gloves service she empowers her clients by directing them towards their goals with a firm, energetic yet lighthearted approach. She is very empathic and has the ability to bypass the identification with the role of consultant-coach while maintaining a strong professional ethic.”

Angie F. Business Owner – Italy

How much Dolce Vita are you living in your life?
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