Angela Santi – Lifestyle-Business Coach & Mentor

I’m Angela Santi and I am a Lifestyle-Business Coach helping Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Coaches creating and developing a business aligned with their ideal lifestyle, focusing on what works and letting go of what makes feel frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed.

My clients are talented, rebel, spiritual and ambicious women who want reach their professional goals, overcoming blocks and reclaiming their inner power to create self fulfillment in harmony with area of their life.

Through 1-1 coaching, I help my clients getting clear on their vision, setting compelling goals and acting intentionally, while effectively mastering their mindset in service of their vision.

My personal story taught me a lot about how one’s life can definitely change for the best thanks to a coaching program.

I like to say that I’ve had four lives.

During my first life, freedom was my mantra. From my childhood up to my College years was really aligned with who I really am and what I value. All my choices came from my heart. Thanks to my humanistic studies I was then one of the few who had the opportunity to travel all over the world when very few people could afford it, and my long stays in U.K., France and in California shaped my mind  as an invaluable asset. At that time I felt so empowered that everything was possible for me.

The second life was the golden cage. At that time, my professional choices where dictated by that was the “expected and wisest thing to do”  for an Italian daughter of an entrepreneurs family running one of the largest national business in the Automotive Industry: working as Change Manager in the family Business. I had it all but I was so frustrated! For the first time I knew what it means to be a woman in one of the most sexist business industries, I crashed many times against the glass ceiling, I started questioning my value and self-sabotaging because the price I was paying to make my voice heard was too high.

Then this part of the story ended, and a few month after Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy, when the Italian Automotive market got stuck. In a bunch of months,  I lost my job, my professional identity, I suffered from family losses and, finally, my relationship ended.

I could chose to play the victim, or grab the chance to redesign my whole life. I choose the secondo option, no doubt. And that made me become a Corporate Coach and Trainer, but even though I liked what I was doning and I had lots of satistactions, I was always dependant on somebody else’s decisions and organizations.

So, for my 50th birthday I decided to give me a priceless present: live my life at my own terms. I’ve made a further step ahead into my forth life and, leaving the corporate world for creating a laptop lifestyle. Freedom is my mantra again: location and time freedom. Plus, my results don’t depend on somebody else’s decisions, doubts, inefficiencies and I have total control on by business.

How did I achieve that? Intentional action, 100% committment and I didn’t do it alone. For the two most important, life changing shifts in my life and my business I made an investment on myself and hired a coach, so the whole yourney is faster, painless, effective to the most.

My coaching and mentoring – very practical and results oriented – combine my humanistic background, my personal experience, the most powerful coaching techniques, and all the tools that have worked for me.

I am passionate about yoga, tango, nature, music and art in all its forms, I am a featuring autor for the Italian online magazine,  and for the personal development portal MyOhana. As a way to contribute to society, I coach for free the staff of BolognAIL (Association against Leukemia-Lymphoma and Myeloma).

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